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At Bux-Mont Paving Co., we know how the appearance of your parking lot can make a difference in the amount of customers your business draws. After all, a well-maintained parking lot is a reflection of the business itself.

Asphalt parking lot repair

Parking lot maintenance

At Bux-Mont Paving Co., we know that maintaining your parking lot is important to your business. After all, the parking lot is the first impression that many potential customers or renters have of your business. A well-maintained parking lot can mean the difference between attracting potential business or not attracting it at all. We have all the knowledge and tools available to keep your parking lot looking good as new and to keep attracting those potential renters or customers.

  • Resurfacing: If your parking lot is uneven and slightly damaged, resurfacing may be the answer. Ask us for an assessment of your parking lot to see if resurfacing is a possible solution.

  • Repair of speed humps, bumps and cushions: Over time, these may become damaged due to the weight of vehicles and other factors. Let us repair them to look as god as new in a very short period of time.

  • Striping: Contractor's Asphalt provides only the highest-quality parking lot striping to make your parking lot look like new.

  • Drainage solutions: If you have a problem area in your parking lot that collects water, let our experts help solve it to avoid further damage to the asphalt.

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Bux-Mont Paving Co. tip

When it comes to asphalt, a little prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Talk to our paving specialists today about parking lot maintenance to prevent asphalt damage in the future.

Experienced professionals

When you hire Bux-Mont Paving Co., you're hiring over 30 years of combined experience of our paving specialists. Our paving specialists use only the best materials and tools to make sure every project is completed with the highest quality work possible.

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Locally owned

We've been locally owned and operated in Bucks County since 1981. We're proud to serve Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Our customers range from individuals to large companies and institutions in the Bucks and Montgomery County areas. At Bux-Mont Paving Co., you're not just a customer - you're our neighbor!

On time and on budget

We understand how important it is that your asphalt cement project is done on time and within your budget, so we'll work with you every step along the way to make sure that we meet both. We're committed to safety, and the owner supervises every project. Bux-Mont Paving Co. is licensed, bonded and insured.